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Mehrotra Productions is a full-service video production company that specializes in creating impactful content for corporations and brands. With a focus on product, food, and beverage brands, we bring our client’s visions to life through visually stunning and engaging advertisements that are designed to capture the attention of their target audience on social media platforms such as Instagram, Amazon, YouTube, and more. We have a passion for making food and beverages look as delicious as they taste & elevating the visual appeal of our client’s products. Let us make your products irresistible to your audience!

" Let's Bring Your Products to Life "

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No.1 Bestseller Chilli Oil
Bringing the wow of a $100,000 Camera’s slow-motion in brands budget pairing it with the most drooling food visuals. This MasterChow campaign triggered the impulse buying of their target audience. Resulting in blockbuster sales! making MasterChow chilli oil the bestselling chilli oil in India on Amazon.

Beor360 Content Bundle
Need more in less? We got beor360’s back! With the goal of creating a long-lasting content bank, we produced multiple months' worth of content in one efficient production cycle, covering all aspects including product launch videos, micro-content, and social media quick content."

AST Corporate Film
From concept to execution, we captured their corporate story and remote sites using film cameras, drones, motion graphics, and animation. Our goal was to produce a top-notch video that would be an integral part of their investor pitch. It paid off, The film was part of their journey to $40 million in funding.

Our Team


Creative Director / DOP / Video Editor

With a Master's degree in Mass Communication & Journalism and certifications in Digital Marketing & Product Videography Dhananjay possesses a unique combination of skills that have fueled his career in the content production industry. He started by directing and editing corporate videos, but his love for food ads eventually took center stage. He honed his camera skills through the pandemic and created solo Ad content. With a focus on producing high-quality products, food, and beverage advertisements,
Dhananjay's vision is to bring the tricks & trade of high-budget TVCs to a place where every brand can access them.


Food Stylist / Art Director / Microcontent Creator

Pranvi brings food styling, art direction, and compelling storytelling to the table. Her background in B.Des from NIFT, Delhi coupled with a strong interest in fashion and food helps her craft fun and relatable content.
With over 4 years of experience in social media management and content creation, Pranvi has a wealth of customer insights that are invaluable to the ideation process. She has a keen eye for detail and a great understanding of what resonates with the brand's target audience.
Her hand-modeling skills add an extra dimension to her work!


Cinematographer | Photographer

Abhinav, a dynamic visual artist with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication, has made remarkable contributions to India's entertainment industry.
With his youthful energy, he has played pivotal roles as a DoP and Editor for India's biggest comedy talents. Abhinav's diverse expertise as a Director of Photography, Fashion Photographer, Video Editor, and Product Photographer showcases a distinct fusion of creativity, skill, and professionalism in his work.

Consulting Team


Cinematographer / Editor

Naman Khosla, a theatre practitioner turned production supervisor. His expertise spans various fields, but he primarily focuses on non-fiction and branded promotional content. He has also been instrumental in helping start-ups develop their visual language, working on everything from short-form reels to longer-form podcasts. As a creative director in the Indian comedy scene, Naman plays an integral role in the content production for top comedy talents.
With a zeal to break barriers and never lose the purpose of the product, Naman is the guy we turn to when we are looking for some cinematic magic to happen!


Writer / Director

Rudraksh Chebba, is associated as a scriptwriter and director at Mehrotra Productions. Based in Delhi, Rudraksh is a filmmaker and improvisational theatre practitioner who has refined his skills through a diverse range of projects, including over 100 sketches, short films, and corporate videos for well-known names like MenXP, Times Internet, and Big Bad Wolf. With his calm and poised demeanor, Rudraksh brings a unique perspective and creativity to every project he works on, elevating the level of storytelling and bringing a captivating energy to each production.
Whether he's behind the camera or conceptualizing the script, Rudraksh is an asset to the Mehrotra Productions team.

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